Leon Goldwater

We Are Pop Up

Leon Goldwater is the managing partner of Real Estate Partners (REP), which is an early-stage investment vehicle with a focus on innovative retail and technology businesses within real estate.

Leon has over 20 years of hands-on experience in building and managing companies within the media and marketing sector.

The CEO or We Are Pop Up, of the world’s first marketplace and booking platform for temporary space, including Shop Share. He is also the co-founder of FÖMO Store, a flexible business model and the first flagship pop-up store is in Gothenburg, in essence a gateway for international brands to enter the market and a physical lifestyle magazine centred on the concept of SHOP, PLAY and RELAX. FÖMO offers a new shopping experience. He is the chairman of BrandSpots, a Retail As A Service (RAAS) agency and consultancy; and the co-founder of ICYMEDIA, Europe’s alpine media specialist, he also serves on the board for Europe Real Estate (REP), a European real estate media publishing and marketing company.

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Pop-up franchise, the new business model

How to expand and grow your business through pop-up franchise, the flexible model. We Are Pop Up will explain and introduce an example, such as the FÖMO Store, where franchisers can use the concept to improve their chances of breaking into a new market – a powerful and cost effective way of finding suitable franchise partners worldwide.