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Michael Hulmes

Michael Hulmes

Food and Beverage Expert , The Franchising Centre

Michael is the food and beverage expert at The Franchising Centre with his first taste of franchising coming with his management role at McDonalds Restaurants all the way back in 2003 before moving on to work for Subway as senior Field Consultant for East Midlands, Lincolnshire and Yorkshire 2007.  It was in this role that Michael really got his teeth into how franchising works, supporting up to 30 franchisees to strengthen their business and with his team successfully launching over 20 locations, training over 20 new franchisees and their staff.

Michael was then persuaded to leave Subway to for an to become Managing Director for Couch, exciting project in which he would develop a coffee and food brand based in Sheffield.

Michael joined The Franchising Centre after 3 years as a Franchise Business Coach with successful domestic cleaning franchise Bright & Beautiful. During his time with Bright & Beautiful Michael mentored up to 26 franchisees to enhance their business and launched over 15 new franchisees.


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