Miguel Fernandez


Miguel Fernandez is the UK Country Manager at Geoblink, the Location Intelligence startup that helps companies of any size take location-related decisions about their businesses. Miguel has ample experience in business development strategy, leading Geoblink’s international expansion in the UK. Before joining Geoblink, Miguel was a strategy consultant at Monitor Deloitte, working with companies from the Tech, Media and Telecom industries to untap growth opportunities.

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Attract and Convince Franchisees with Location Intelligence

Over the years, the world of franchising has become increasingly more competitive in a highly saturated marketplace. As many brands have discovered, the tried and tested methods used by the franchises of the past do not always translate to success in franchising today. So, how can franchisors grow sustainably in this new landscape and which tools can help them reach their objectives? Many times, the secret to survival lies in where an establishment is located.

This seminar deep dives into the challenges franchise brands face, from attracting the right franchisee counterparts, to winning their investment, showing how location is the driving force behind the strength of any solid expansion strategy.