Mr. Gaurav Marya


Gaurav Marya is the closest thing to a born entrepreneur. He started his first enterprise when he was still a teenage student at an engineering college. Dropping out of college he became a serial entrepreneur, setting up businesses in mobile phones, restaurants, entertainment and advisory services. Today Gaurav is hailed as the father of Indian franchising. The title is an acknowledgement of his unmatched efforts at evangelising the franchising concept across India. Having experienced an epiphany at a franchising conference and exposition in the USA in 1998, Gaurav returned to India to set up his own franchise consulting and media business. Franchise India became the largest integrated franchise and retail solutions company in Asia, and possibly the world.

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Emerging Challenges & Opportunities in International Franchising

Day 1: Discussions on the trends of International brands in Franchising. How brands have to change their strategy in each market as per country’s consumer behaviour, spending capacities, income groups, political, social, legal & financial environment in the country.

Day 2: India, An exciting market for European brands - Mr. Marya will quote some success stories & experiences related to his work & dealings with International brands who look forward to enter India