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Nitin TeckChandani

Nitin TeckChandani

CEO and Director , RoboThink UK

I'm Nitin Teckchandani, an entrepreneur with a passion for IT and cybersecurity. My journey started in the world of Information Technology, guided by my dad's support through A/B testing, which helped me discover my interest in IT networks and security. Over 20 years in the field, I became a successful cybersecurity consultant.

Inspired by my own experience, I realised the importance of guiding the next generation. When my 9-year-old son reminded me of my path, I understood the value of providing the right tools for self-discovery. This led me to RoboThink, a place that shares my values and assists children in developing 21st-century skills like logical thinking, critical thinking, self-confidence, spatial awareness, and problem-solving in a fun-based robotics and coding STEM activity. I seized the opportunity to not only assist my son but also contribute to preparing future generations for our rapidly changing world. Through RoboThink I have a dream to fulfill, every child is born with unlimited potential, and it is my dream to unlock that potential.


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