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Patrick Burge

Patrick Burge

Regional Director, Lime Licensing Group
United Kingdom

Patrick's business background includes corporate and promotional wear, fitness innovation, funding and tech as well as working with brand
leaders such as Body Shop, Budweiser, Snap-on Tools, and Coors Brewers. As an SME business growth and franchising specialist, he also has
experience with start-ups, University spinouts, on Government funded business programmes and the Government Startup Loans Scheme. 

Lime Licensing Group advises businesses that want to understand how to grow through franchising, providing the compliance, business model,
advice and other components that build a franchised business. We also recruit franchisees to grow a franchise network whether it is a UK business
or a business wishing to enter the UK market from further afield. Patrick is also a business coach, and mentor, around helping businesses get from A-B faster.
His pro-bono work includes working with The Fair Chance Business Alliance and with grassroots sport.


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