Paulina Patelka


Mrs. Paulina Patelka has ten years of experience in Sales and Marketing in FMCG; beauty business and IT companies. She was able to check and verify all franchise experience taken from University while working with franchisees in Poland and Internationally. As a Development Agent she was looking to expand a territory by helping franchisees own and operate SUBWAY restaurants. She got her experience in different areas of working with franchise systems.

Paulina has worked with many landlords, legal departments and potential investors. Holding operational knowledge by working on profitability and procedure, and marketing ideas taken from customers and franchisees taken from visits and meetings. Her key skills include knowledge of retail marketing, operations and expanding business. Mrs. Patelka has worked both with international and local entrepreneurs which help to understand how to tailor a global brand into different markets. All activities were always strongly focused on KPI's. Mrs. Patelka has extensive experience in B2B and B2C markets. She constantly searches for new ways of expanding sales channels and increasing brand awareness.

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The Right Franchise for Me? – The key factors of proven international franchise model

Before taking the decision of which franchise is the best for you, ask yourself few questions: beauty, food, services, IT, local concept or global, low cost investment or high investment, working alone or as a team etc.

If you are familiar with those thoughts and have heard a lot of pros and cons of a franchise business, we will be open for discussion and finding solutions. At the seminar we will present what lessons we as a franchisor have taken before going global and what are our development plans and opportunities are for cooperation in various formats.