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Peter Vindevogel

Peter Vindevogel

CEO, The Park Playground VR

Peter Vindevogel is the CEO of rapidly growing company, The Park Playground, which offers free-roam VR entertainment experiences. With a mission to connect people through immersive experiences, The Park is doubling its business figures and expanding to the UK, Middle East, and Australia. Peter has over 20 years of experience in media, entertainment, and marketing. He developed the entertainment services of Telenet, part of Liberty Global and continued with the start-up of local streaming service Streamz and Belgium's biggest sports channel Play Sports. He believes XR and VR are the future of entertainment and is dedicated to making these experiences accessible to everyone. A marketeer at heart, Peter prioritizes customer engagement and satisfaction, and is determined to offer value to a broad audience. With their extreme customer focus and scaling experience, Peter and his team are set to become one of the world's leading providers of amazing immersive experiences. 

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