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Robin Grant

Robin Grant

Franchise Partner/Property Investor, Platinum Property Partners

Robin Grant already had one successful business behind him, but he craved a new venture that required less of his time and had a long-term, low-risk strategy behind it.

Robin had never been a stranger to hard work, having built and sold his hugely successful pet accessory business, but he wanted a more formulaic path to follow, which is why he chose to join the Platinum franchise.

The biggest benefit? It was something he could also do with his wife! 

The couple had always been interested in property investment but had never been brave enough to take the plunge. They were fully aware of how easy it could be to lose hundreds of thousands of pounds from just one mistake and were comforted by the fact that joining Platinum would give them the expert guidance they needed. 

While many Franchise Partners join Platinum for almost instant time freedom, Robin and Maxine took a full speed ahead approach. Five years on, they have a portfolio of seven shared living properties up and running with a total of 44 rooms generating an annual income of £180,000.