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Scott Weir

Scott Weir

CEO, Pillow Partners

Scott is an award winning entrepreneur and Founder and CEO of Pillow Partners; a vacation rental management company based in Glasgow, Scotland. He is passionate about all things property, business and entrepreneurship. He loves public speaking, pitching and mentoring. Due to the busy nature of Scott’s day-to-day life, he often practises under a concept called Kaizen. Kaizen is a Japanese term that translates to “good change” or “improvement”. Thanks to this, Scott has created a company built on excellent core values which resonates with staff and patrons alike. Whilst building a massively successful property management company, he has not forgotten his love for social impact which is shown through his charity Safe Havens. Safe Havens aims to provide quality support to thousands of people each year and it does this by giving funded experiences to those in need. Scott is an inspiration to many and his story is one people should aspire to replicate.


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