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Virendra Adhikari

Virendra Adhikari

Head: STEM Strategy and Franchise Development , RoboThink UK

With a professional journey spanning two decades, Virendra Adhikari currently serves as the Head of STEM Strategy and Franchise Development at RoboThink UK. His expertise converges seamlessly at the intersection of STEM education, business strategy, and operational execution. Virendra's notable tenure at McDonald's, where he navigated the site development portfolio in India for new restaurants, stands as a testament to his strategic acumen and skills in franchise development and management.

In his McDonald's role, Virendra meticulously crafted a comprehensive strategic regional development vision plan, overseeing the successful development of more than 50 new sites from conception to operations.

Virendra's corporate journey unfolded across diverse macro environments in India, the UAE, and the UK, covering pivotal roles in sales, marketing, customer experience, Franchise network development, and real estate strategy. Beyond his corporate endeavors, he actively contributes to various causes, including environmental conservation, diversity and inclusion, and cancer research.

As a distinguished panelist and speaker at forums in the UK, Singapore, and Dubai, Virendra brings to the table a wealth of experience in orchestrating real estate portfolios, driving strategic vision, operational excellence, and franchise mastery. His leadership narrative encapsulates a unique blend of creativity, analytical prowess, and a steadfast commitment to lifelong learning.


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