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International Franchise Expo

  • Whether you were one of the lucky people to get the chance to visit The International Franchise Show 2022 or not, we have taken the opportunity to show off some of the highlights at this years’ show!
  • Lemon Squeezy are providing a special offer to any franchisees who join via The International Franchise Show - What would usually cost £15,000 will now cost £10,000!
  • Not only this, The International Franchise Show has partnered with d&t to bring you The Finance Clinic. The d&t team will be on hand to give you expert advice on what finance options are available and ...
  • The International Franchise Show showcases the best selection of British and international franchise brands all under one roof, building international connections, and giving our visitors the opportun ...
  • 10 Questions to Ask when Buying a Franchise

    21 Mar 2022 Children’s Franchise Enterprise
    Question 1 – What is their USP?  What makes them stand out from the crowd? If you’re going to replicate their business model then you need to know how the brand will make an impact in your local area. ...
  • What makes a good franchisee?

    15 Mar 2022 Franchise Local
    Traits of a good franchisee 1.     Accessible location For businesses involved in public services like retail strips and restaurants, a visible serviceable location is particularly important in keepin ...
  • How can buying a franchise benefit you?

    24 Mar 2022 Franchise Local
    A brief introduction to the basics of franchising A franchise is an opportunity for a person to buy into an existing and successful business model. In this type of agreement, a franchisor provides a d ...
  • The Finance Clinic – Powered by d&t is on stand 600 adjacent to the show entrance and will be available throughout the course of the show.
  • The Angolan fast food franchise will also bring the promise of employment and business opportunities for local entrepreneurs
  • Go East – Southeast Asia to be Exact

    21 Feb 2022 VF Franchise Consulting
    ASEAN HIGHLIGHTS The region is also an economic powerhouse. In 2020, the estimated total GDP of all ASEAN countries amounted to approximately 3.08 trillion U.S. dollars. In fact, the GDP of the ASEAN ...
  • Are educational franchises on the rise in the UK?

    09 Feb 2022 International Franchise Show
    In recent years we have seen many disruptions to our day-to-day lives. One of the biggest disruptions we witnessed was that of children and teens being taken out of school and education for months at ...
  • Advertising to sell more franchises  The franchise market is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years, making it crucial for franchisors to stand out from the competition and attract more vi ...
  • Article brought to you by Life After Professional Sports

    26 Jan 2022 Life After Professional Sports
    The sporting analogy for franchises would be something akin to joining a club and setting up a new team within that club.  Or starting a new sport from scratch, but utilising all the previous experien ...
  • The fitness industry on the rebound

    20 Jan 2022 International Franchise Show
    In the pre-pandemic fitness industry, the biggest trends were low-cost memberships, giving customers a cheaper alternative to other fitness options. But as the UK entered lockdown, these gyms were the ...
  • US Food Franchising

    13 Dec 2021 The International Franchise Show
    When you think about food franchising, often a few of the big US brands like McDonald’s, Subway and Burger King spring to mind
  • We are excited to announce that the current Dragon on Dragons’ Den, Touker Suleyman, the investment expert, will be delivering an insightful talk about how you can adapt your business for long term su ...
  • Leading US co-working franchise Venture X has launched in the UK and is opening its doors in two London locations. Its already launched flagship UK franchise in Chiswick Park offers 15,000 square feet ...
  • Franchising offers people a business opportunity, which has been tried and tested with guaranteed results, removing the fear factor of starting your own business. There are many different franchising ...
  • PR power – pre and post show!

    24 Sep 2021 REV PR
    Perhaps one of the biggest dates in the franchising industry’s calendar is the International Franchise Show. Prospects attend to see and hear from a wide variety of brands, all under one roof, as well ...
  • Making The Most of Franchise Exhibitions

    20 Sep 2021 The International Franchise Show
    We’ve picked out our top 10 tips to help you make the most of the exhibition
  • Wouldn't it be great if there was a way that you could start your own business with little to no risk involved?
  • Since 2016, the Global Franchise Market Exhibition – TGFM, has played an integral role in the franchise industry in GCC and the entire MEA region. Read this article to find out more...
  • Why a food franchise might be your perfect choice

    26 Aug 2021 The International Franchise Show
    Do you like the thought of becoming your own boss, but have concerns about failing? You might want to consider the food franchising industry for your investment.
  • Your reasons to invest in a health and beauty franchise

    25 Aug 2021 The International Franchise Show
    Investing in a health and beauty brand can be a good choice for you, with it being a continuously highly growing market, which is only set to continue growing to $62 billion in 2022
  • Your guide to turning your business into a franchise

    29 Jul 2021 The International Franchise Show
    Here are some of our steps we think you should be taking in the process of turning your business into a franchise.
  • Helping your franchisees to succeed

    27 Jul 2021 The International Franchise Show
    Both you and your franchisee will share the same goals for the franchise - to ensure operations are run smoothly and you produce a successful business.
  • Friday 2 July 2021  PRESS RELEASE    Bristol, UK: Christian Yandell, Managing Director of The International Franchise Show is delighted to announce the partnership with Start-up Donut (Atom Content Ma ...
  • Fitness franchising

    02 Jul 2021 The International Franchise Show
    One area that has particularly benefited from the surge in demand is the fitness franchise industry turning over more than $6.2m per year in the UK (Statisa, 2019). Even despite COVID-19 the franchise ...
  • Xero sponsors the International Franchise Show for the upcoming event.
  • Fitness and adventure across the UK

    23 Jun 2021 International Franchise Show
    While it is known that exercise is good for you, many people still don’t partake in exercise or sports in the UK.
  • The future of digital fitness

    21 Jun 2021 International Franchise Show
    The developments we have seen within the fitness industry are not a completely new occurrence, being massively accelerated by the onset of COVID and the lockdowns this has brought.
  • Before the coronavirus hit, gyms, leisure centres and fitness studios were packed full of ‘gym-goers’, with personal goals for weight-loss, body toning, endurance and strength gains.
  • Could hybrid events be the future? Or is a blend of virtual and physical offerings needed to remain competitive post-pandemic?
  • There are an abundance of family run businesses all over the world. In fact, some of the largest and most profitable businesses around the world are run by families.
  • While many businesses saw COVID as a time of closures, many food operations saw success and have escaped the pandemic with new exciting plans on the horizon. 
  • The UK is often an attractive market for American brands looking to test the success of international expansion as there are no language barriers and the franchise industry is booming.
  • A 2020 report published by government department BEIS, indicates the appetite for becoming 'your own boss' is a growing trend despite the difficulties witnessed the past year.
  • Are you considering whether you’d make a good candidate for a franchise, but unsure what actually makes a good candidate? Well if you’re ex-forces, franchising might just be for you.
  • The Franchise Show has teamed up with Electroclean to provide a deep electrostatic clean of the hall prior to the live event, giving guests peace of mind when attending the show.
  • Cleaning has been at the forefront of the pandemic, with the cleaning industry being widely acknowledged in the role companies have played in containing the outbreak.