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Panel Discussions


This year we are introducing panel discussions, every hour there will be a panel of experts in different fields debating a certain topic. They will cover present and future challenges of these topics and there will be a chance for you to interact with the experts in a Q&A. 

These topics will be the same for both days of the show, however the experts will be different. You can find more details on the subjects up for discussion and the experts taking part in each debate closer to the show. 

When the discussions take place, make sure you arrive at the theatre as early as possible, as the unique education, insight, and guidance on offer always attracts a lot of interest, so places go quickly!




The topics for the panel discussions will be:

The Franchise Model

Experts will be spelling out the different franchise models that can be created and invested in and the essentials that come with them. Don’t miss out on this key discussion for those just starting out.

Customers Stay Longer

In the world of franchising, customer service is incredibly important. It helps with customer retention to build brand trust and loyalty. Find out the key staples of excellent customer service and how to keep your clients coming back for more in this panel discussion.

International Franchising

If you’re interested in growing your franchise globally and expanding into international territory, this is the panel discussion for you. Find out how you can make the move and prepare to go overseas while avoiding the common pitfalls faced.


This discussion covers what you can expect from franchisors when starting out as a new franchisee. It will cover everything from training to finances and the support you may receive. Find out more at this session.

Types of Children-Focused Franchises

Dive into a treasure trove of insights where the
characteristics of successful children's-focused franchises will be unravelled.
The discussion will explore the benefits and challenges of the franchise operation and provide tailored advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. Join and embark on a journey where business meets joy, and every child's smile is a testament to your success!

Make the most of out of Children's Franchises

This discussion delves into the deeply personal stories of entrepreneurs in the
children's franchising industry. Find out what challenges and setbacks the entrepreneurs face, highlighting their resilience and determination to stay focused on their goals despite obstacles. From financial hurdles to operational complexities, we offer insights into overcoming adversity while staying true to one's vision.

Future of children-focused franchising

Look into the exciting world of children's entertainment and explore the trends, innovations, and strategies shaping the future of the industry. The experts will provide the ultimate guide to understanding
children's franchises and developing them with up-and-coming trends in mind.

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