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Panel Discussions

International Franchise Show

Panel Discussions


This year we are introducing panel discussions, every hour there will be a panel of experts in different fields debating a certain topic. They will cover present and future challenges of these topics and there will be a chance for you to interact with the experts in a Q&A. 

These topics will be the same for both days of the show, however the experts will be different. You can find more details on the subjects up for discussion and the experts taking part in each debate closer to the show. 

When the discussions take place, make sure you arrive at the theatre as early as possible, as the unique education, insight, and guidance on offer always attracts a lot of interest, so places go quickly!




The topics for the panel discussions will be:

The Franchise Model - The Different Varieties - and What They Should ALL Contain

Experts will be spelling out the different franchise models that can be created and invested in and the essentials that come with them. Don’t miss out on this key discussion for those just starting out.

Going into Business for Yourself, Not by Yourself - Meet Franchisees Who Have Taken The Plunge

Attend this panel discussion where you can hear from franchisees who have recently invested in a franchise. They’ll be offering the key tips, tricks, and advice you need when starting out and how to make the most of the experience.

Which Type of Franchise is Right for Me? Management, Hands-on, Lifestyle

Are you trying to determine what kind of franchise would be best for you and your lifestyle? With such a range to choose from it’s important to consider many factors including budget, your skills, and how hands-on you want to be. Get advice from experts in this panel.

Funding - What Are The Options?

This panel discussion will focus on the funding available for franchising, whether you’re a franchisor, franchisee, or looking to start your own franchise. Join to find out what options are available to you.

Understanding The Legalities, The Franchise Agreement and More

Have you always found the legalities of franchising difficult to understand? Do you want to know more about the franchise agreement and the key elements it involves? If so, attend the panel discussion to gain a better understanding.

Exit Strategies and Franchise Resales

Significantly, every franchisee should have exit strategies prepared so that they can receive a return on their investment. Join this panel debate to hear some of the common plans that are advised when wanting to leave a franchise.

Becoming a Multi-unit Owner

Have you wondered about what it takes to become a multi-unit franchise owner? Find out from those who have taken that next step and can offer their expert advice and guidance to approach the common obstacles that are involved. 

International Franchising

If you’re interested in growing your franchise globally and expanding into international territory, this is the panel discussion for you. Find out how you can make the move and prepare to go overseas while avoiding the common pitfalls faced.

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