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Compulsory Forms

International Franchise Show

You have booked a  stand. You will need to complete and return the compulsory forms under the  heading.

DEADLINE: 11th of March

Shell Scheme Stand  

This form ensures we have the correct stand set up for when you arrive.

If you are bringing your own stand that exceeds 2.43m you will need to request a Fascia Removal - please complete the forms below and return them to your account manager.

Please send all requested documentation to your account manager.

Space Only Stand

Please read through the information sheet below for general rules and regulations for constructing your stand. Feel free to pass these on to your contractor and ask them to complete the submission form below.

The more complex your structure is, the more information will be required.

Please return the form to your Account Manager and to the H&S point of contact mentioned in the Space Only document.

IFA                       natwest

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