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About this pavilion

In partnership with Kindling Franchise Consultants, we are excited to introduce the brand new Children's Activity Pavilion, dedicated to putting a spotlight on the up and coming franchise brands specifically for children. 

Over the years children's activity brands have been on the rise with working parents becoming increasingly popular, therefore the need for child care is on the rise meaning a whole industry has developed to educate and entertain children. This year, we are providing a special platform for the leading franchise brands to connect with future franchisees and educate you on the benefits of joining their franchise.

If you would like to get involved then contact Andrew via email ( or phone (+44 7378 302497).

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Kindling is a boutique consulting firm, led by founder Andrew Walters, one of the UK's most respected experts in franchising. With two decades of experience in senior management at some of the UK's best Franchise brands including Stagecoach Performing Arts, Pitman Training and Mad Science, we provide a unique and unrivalled voice in the Franchise sector.

Kindling provide services to businesses of all sizes and all budgets, across a range of sectors. So, whether you are looking to dip your toes into franchising, to future proof your operations, for a mentor to help you to grow strategically or perhaps to take the first step internationally - we've got your back. 

Brands Exhibiting

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