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International Franchise Show

US Pavilion

At The International Franchise Show this year, we have a US pavilion to host some of the incredible brands in attendance. Many of them are looking to increase their presence in the UK, so why not have a conversation with them if you think it could be something you’d want to invest in.

Over the years, US brands have been dominating the UK market, from food and drink franchises to fitness, cleaning and hospitality sectors. Industry giants like McDonald’s have taken the food industry by storm all across the world, especially in the UK.

Many American brands have made big plans for growth in the UK over the next couple of years, this is especially significant for them to maintain their competitive advantage. Branches opening across the UK ensure that the brands develop a loyal customer base and global exposure.

Children's Activity Pavilion

In partnership with Kindling Franchise Consultants, we are excited to introduce the brand new Children's Activity Pavilion, dedicated to putting a spotlight on the up and coming franchise brands specifically for children. 

Over the years children's activity brands have been on the rise with working parents becoming increasingly popular, therefore the need for child care is on the rise meaning a whole industry has developed to educate and entertain children.

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